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Mind’s Eye Concepts, LLC is a digital marketing, solutions, & design firm. The company was founded in 2001 and serves multiple markets and industries, focused on Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC). We are the official distribution channel of Euclideon Unlimited Detail™ hardware and software in the Americas. The Vault point cloud solutions offer state-of-the-art project collaboration. 2019 Hologram tables and custom VR/AR immersive rooms offer cutting edge presentation opportunities.

Testimonials & Partners

  • "I had the pleasure of having Matt within my team within SAP Digital Marketing. Matt contributed to priority level marketing programs which defined the structure and taxonomy of SAP.com. As part of a global organization and managing a large, complex enterprise website worldwide the role required interaction with many teams in over 70+ countries. While Matt was very personable with our internal clientele, he brought excellent communication skills, exceptional attention to detail, and expressed a depth of technical insight. Matt's engagement with our internal customers and daily collaboration with our internal content strategy teams, web design leads, and technical analysts made him instrumental to any project to structure complex relationships, document intricate user-flows, and demystify persona use-cases into usable, logical, and physical content structures. Coupled with his in-depth knowledge of industry best-practices, customer-centric interaction patterns, and usability standards, Matt offered a powerful combination of business, technical knowledge, and temperament that would provide a great advantage to any organization."
    Chris Siwinski, Sr. Digital Creative & UX DirectorChris Siwinski, Sr. Digital Creative & UX DirectorSAP
  • "Matt went well beyond what was expected, tirelessly (and quickly) providing varied wireframe and sitemap scenarios that allowed us to easily see the impact of various options being considered. Throughout the many iterations he consistently delivered quality solutions in sometimes impossible timeframes. His work was truly the foundation upon which all the other work was based. Without his consistent focus on the user experience keen and insightful architecting, I'm certain our team would have been hard-pressed to deliver such a well-implemented site in such a short timeframe. On top of all that, he was a smart, fun, and accommodating colleague to work with."
    Brian Wasson, DirectorBrian Wasson, DirectorSAP Global Communications
  • "Matt has done work for us on multiple occasions with great results. He is a pleasure to work with and consistently offers innovative ideas and approaches to what we were trying to accomplish. The quality of his work and the value of the resultant project has provided great awareness for us within the healthcare market!!"
  • "Matthew is highly creative, analytical and thinks outside of the box. I pride myself in my own personal creative abilities, but yet Matt always manages to challenge my idea's with an even higher level of imagination, reach and cutting edge concepts."
    Trina Clark, Sr. Digital Marketing Account SalesTrina Clark, Sr. Digital Marketing Account SalesMixed Media Ventures
  • "During the few months of working closely together, I quickly appreciated the style and quality of work brought to the client. This was evident in the documentation, design deliverables, as well as his push for research and user tested driven design. Being able to bring the right amount of creative ideas and realistic development realities together for a successful project outcome."
    Kyle Hurlbrink, User Experience DesignerKyle Hurlbrink, User Experience DesignerNUIX

What can we create?

There is no limit to the amount of data we can use, and the speed to which we use it. Our data visualization capabilities are state-of-the-art.

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