Design Process

Research: Quality market and customer research is finally mainstream.  Mind’s Eye Concepts offers ethnographic and remote user testing as a service.   This can be done on location, or for any public web site.   We design, moderate, analyze, and report quality research from your users/customers. We also consult with leaders in growth sectors who wish to build this practice into their organization.

Define: Our service is purpose driven. We consult with organizations to define their focus. This involves making critical decisions about what, when, where, and how to invest time, resources, and money into.   Platform and content strategy decisions require important research and need to align with budgets and scalability interests.   Our commitment to your customer requires us to carefully plan requirements, set the bar for success, and if necessary, build functional, or technical specs to ensure partner success.

Create: We have expertise and experience with the most widely used tools used for running a business today.   If you’re a startup, planning a digital transformation, re-platform, or redesign, our established and trusted network of partners offer us the most cutting edge content experience solutions today. This user-centric process is where the tire hits the road, and requires talented planning, governance, design and development squads to manage the creation process from concept to completion.

Validate: How are you sure what we’re planning to market is worth it? We test the market again. We run the product through the ringer, see what’s working and what’s not. With our iterative methodology and planning process in place, we leave room for

Build: Our contracted partners offer the highest skilled developers and software engineers. We offer DevOps consulting, lean agile training, and plan the best direction and methodology that fits our clients needs.

Measure: We measure and analyze results and success of the lifecycle at each interaction.